Single Phase voltage stabilizer

For more than 10 years, Shuogong has provided power equipment solutions for many customers. We are experts in the manufacture of power products such as transformers and voltage regulators.

Single phase Voltage stabilizer is one of the core products we manufacture, and the single phase voltage stabilizer manufactured and supplied by Shuogong will certainly be able to provide stable support for your business.

Shuogong will support your business 100% with strong R&D strength and manufacturing capacity, and get your single-phase voltage stabilizer price immediately.

Whether you need a single phase voltage stabilizer or a 3 phase voltage stabilizer we can provide the best support.

Single Phase Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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single phase voltage stabilizer specifications

Product NameAutomatic Voltage Stabilizer
Model Number0.5KVA to 30KVA
TechnologyRelay Control System+Programmed control computerized+control algorithmn relay”Cross zero”
Capacity0.5KVA to 30KVA (The power capacity of voltage stabilizer needs to be 1.5~2 times greater than the load power)
PhaseSingle Phase
Input Voltage Range±15% tolerance of output voltage
Output Voltage*220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3% (Optional)
Adjust Time<1sec. (Against 10% input voltage deviation)
Current TypeAC
Protection Over Voltage<250±2V
Protection Lack Voltage<185±2V
Ambient Temperature-10°C~+45°C
Insulation Resistance≥5MΩ
Temperature Protection110℃±10℃
Relative Humidity<90%
Wave Form DistortionNo additional wave form distortion
Protection GradeIP20
Dielectric Strength1500V/min
Warranty Period12 months
TND-10KVA (Horizontal)42×24×3645
TND-10KVA (Vertical)36×28×5150


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single phase voltage stabilizer Buying Guide


Your single-phase voltage is unstable? Single-phase voltage stabilizer support is a must if you want to rapidly grow your business. Use then this guide for you.

It covers everything you need to know about a single phase voltage stabilizer, including how it works, classification, price, advantages and more.

You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

1.What is a single phase voltage stabilizer?

The single-phase voltage stabilizer is mainly used for single-phase power supply, and the single-phase voltage stabilizer is a power auxiliary instrument.

It is a tool that can change the grid voltage with too low voltage or large voltage fluctuation into a stable voltage to supply electrical equipment.

Single phase voltage stabilizer can keep the voltage stable and help electrical equipment run normally and protect the equipment from damage when there is voltage fluctuation. Besides, this voltage stabilizer has overload, overvoltage, overcurrent and phase failure protection.

2. Single phase voltage stabilizer circuit diagram

Single phase voltage stabilizer circuit diagram

This is the circuit diagram of a single phase voltage stabilizer with internal short-circuit inductance limitation.

It operates as an autotransformer with a compensation winding in series with the load.

The polarity of this winding can be reversed by a switch, and the number of turns can be changed by an 8-position tap-changer associated with the bridge reactor.

3. single phase voltage stabilizer price

You must be very concerned about single-phase regulator prices.

Below I have listed the market prices of some commonly used automatic voltage stabilizer. for reference only.

This price does not represent the price of Shuogong automatic voltage stabilizer. If you have a demand for the price of our single phase voltage stabilizer, you can contact us for consultation.

Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer

ItemsPriceInput VoltageOutput Voltage
0.5KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$165.24150V to 250V220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3% (Optional)
1KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$203.69150V to 250V220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3% (Optional)
2KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$360.38150V to 250V220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3% (Optional)
3KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$493.48140V to 260V220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3%
5KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$558.5795-125V/190-250V220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3%
8KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$853.7895-125V or 190-250V AC220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3%
10KVA single phase voltage stabilizers price$1,082.3695-125V or 190-250V AC220V±3%/ 230V±3%/ 240V±3%/ 110V±3%
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