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Shuogong Power is China's leading manufacturer of transformers and voltage regulators. Our products are efficient, precise, stable and reasonably priced. We want to bring these products to customers around the world, allowing them to save more money and help them work better.

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We are committed to expanding our business globally and distributing our products in all countries, therefore we are looking for active partners and distributors worldwide. If you are interested, please feel free to submit your information and we will contact you.

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How to become our distributor

What kind of partners do we need?

  • First of all, we must be our customers, we need to build mutual trust through our first cooperation.
  • The most important criterion for us is your motivation and your physical ability to handle this task.
  • your company has many years of experience in distributing products in your country¬†
  • In case you feel capable and motivated enough to become a distributor for a whole country, feel free to send us your application/message via our contact form below.

What can you get?

  • Professional power supply business and long-term cooperation
  • Attractive Profits and Incentives
  • Exclusive sales rights in your country, territorial protection
  • Business and technical consultant support available at any time
  • Create websites and promotional materials that are independent of your country’s language
  • Be a part of the fast-growing network of Suogong Power
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