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As a leading 3 phase transformer manufacturer and supplier in China, no one knows this industry better than us. Shuogong has 16 years of manufacturing experience in the field of transformers, and we are familiar with most of the global suppliers.

If you are looking for transformer manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, you have come to the right place, whether you are looking for 3 phase transformer manufacturers and suppliers from China, USA, UK, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Canada , our list will give you recommendations.

Shuogong Power
Pacific Transformer Corp.

Top 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are many top 3 phase transformer manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, they all have their own advantages, how to choose the right 3 phase transformer manufacturer and supplier depends on your needs.

3 Phase Autotransformer Manufacturers & Suppliers

3 Phase Autotransformer Manufacturers & Suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers of 3 phase autotransformers, mainly in the manufacture of 3-phase autotransformers, autotransformers have the characteristics of affordable price and smaller size.

3 Phase Isolation Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers

3 Phase Isolation Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers

3 phase isolation transformer manufacturers and suppliers mainly manufacture 3 phase isolation transformers. Three-phase isolation transformers have the characteristics of good safety and are suitable for the application of various equipment. Its price is higher than the 3-phase autotransformer.

Top 5 Three Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers from China

Do you want to buy 3 phase transformers from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers?
As a global manufacturing power, high-quality three-phase transformers made in China have cost advantages. Let’s take a look at the three-phase transformer manufacturers in China.

8KVA 3 phase autotransformer

Shuogong Power

The full name of Shuogong Power Supply is Dongguan Shuogong Power Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading dry-type transformer manufacturers in China, mainly supplying 3-phase transformers, 3-phase autotransformers, 3-phase isolation transformers, toroidal transformers, etc.

Shuogong Power has 16 years of manufacturing experience in the field of transformers, and its products have passed various types of certification. A strong R&D team provides customers with customized services for various dry-type transformers.

Jiangsu Hengan Transformer Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Hengan Transformer Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Hengan Transformer Co., Ltd. mainly produces: three-phase dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, box-type substations, high and low voltage switch cabinets, etc. It is located in the South Gate Industrial Park of Quanshan University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou City.

Jiangsu Hengan Transformer Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of history in producing transformers, production equipment and test equipment. The company produces S11, S13, SH15SCB10, SCB11, SCB13, SCB15 series: voltage levels are 10KV, 20KV, 35KV, and the capacity is 10KVA-5000KVA Oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers, European-style transformers, American-style box-type transformers, high and low voltage switchgear, etc.


Shandong Huide Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huide Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has more than 560 employees, and its leading products include oil-immersed transformers below 110kV, dry-type transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, rectifier transformers, electric furnace transformers, mining transformers, and super overload capacity power transformers , box-type substation and more than 30 series, more than 1000 kinds of specifications, as well as the design and manufacture of non-standard products.

Shanghai Guantu Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Guantu Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Guantu Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various types of control transformers, isolation transformers for imported machinery, lifting transformers, SG three-phase dry-type transformers, high-power voltage regulators, and contact voltage regulators. Digital display high-precision voltage stabilizer, communication-specific AC power supply, medical-specific AC power supply, elevator-specific AC power supply, microcomputer-controlled non-contact power supply, precision purification AC stabilized power supply, frequency converter, switching power supply, DC stabilized power supply, automatic Coupling and decompression starter

Jiangsu Jiutian Electric Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jiutian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of S13, S11 series 10KV, 35KV, SCB10, SCB11, SCB12 series 10KV dry-type transformers, amorphous alloys, and low-loss power transformers of on-load voltage regulating power transformers. The technical standards strictly adopt international standards. GB1094.1, 2-1996; GB/T6451-1999, and took the lead in obtaining ISO9001 quality system certification among the peers, and the leading product “Jiutian brand” power transformers meet national requirements and provincial technical standards.

Leading 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturer and Supplier from USA

Manufacturers and suppliers of 3-phase transformers are all over the world, here we will recommend you the manufacturers and suppliers of 3-phase transformers from the United StatesAs a global manufacturing power, high-quality three-phase transformers made in China have cost advantages. Let’s take a look at the three-phase transformer manufacturers in China.

single phase isolation 2019.png

Johnson Electric Coil Company

Since our founding by Lawrence Johnson in 1934 we have prided ourselves on being a family owned and operated manufacturer committed to making the finest products with American labor. We are proud of our heritage and committed to maintaining the commitments made by Lawrence and later his son William to care about our people, customers, and products at the highest level. In Antigo we have a caring committed workforce that understands the value of taking great care of our customers.

Triad Magnetics

At Triad Magnetics, innovative magnetic technologies have powered consumer, commercial and industrial electronics for over 75 years. We are very proud of this legacy and are committed to continuously building and improving it. Standard products include:audio transformer,Current Sensing Transformer,power transformer,Wall Mount Transformer,Inductors and Chokes

Lenco Electronics, Inc.

Lenco Electronics, Inc

Lenco Electronics is located in McHenry, Illinois, approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago, with easy access to Underwriters Laboratories and O’Hare Airport for fast product delivery anywhere in the world.

Since 1973, Lenco Electronics’ business has shown steady growth in both financial and factory space. Today, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is approximately 25,000 square feet. Mainly produces three-phase transformers, constant voltage transformers, autotransformers

home products tn transformers

Badger Magnetics, Inc.

Badger Magnetics is one of the premier electromagnet manufacturers, specializing in the design and manufacture of custom electromagnetic products. Our product range of electromagnetic products is the largest in the industry.

Our experienced design engineers listen carefully to our customers’ needs and design products that meet or exceed their expectations. For over 63 years, we have been designing and manufacturing custom transformers, including stacked single-phase and three-phase transformers, toroidal coils and ferroresonant transformers.

Pacific Transformer Corp.

Pacific Transformer Corp.

Since 1981, Pacific Transformer has remained a market leader in the field of custom transformers, magnetic engineering, and power transformer design. Our customer service has always been, and shall remain second to none. For more than thirty years, we have offered the fastest turnaround on quoting, design, and manufacturing.



Leading 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers from UK

There are many manufacturers in the UK in the field of transformer manufacturing, and they all have a long history. Do you want to buy a three-phase transformer from the UK? Here’s a look at our recommended 3 phase transformer manufacturers and suppliers from the UK

Admagnetics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of three-phase transformers, able to design and manufacture transformers to customer specific requirements as well as UK and international standards such as BS EN 60076, BS EN 61558 and IEC 60076. Using high-quality, traceable materials and utilizing the latest design tools and procedures, our highly skilled and experienced design team and production staff provide our customers with fully optimized transformers.

From a few hundred VA to 1000kVA as a double wound transformer or up to 4MVA as an autotransformer, our three-phase transformers are used in a variety of applications. From high-end construction projects to major OEMs, from standard step-up transformers to complex specialty designs, Admagnetics manufactures three-phase transformers you can trust.

Address: D2, Bolton Avenue, Huncoat, Accrington, Lancashire, United Kingdom, BB5 6NJ


AM Transformers Manufacturing UK is a specialist supplier of power transformers and AC/DC power adapters, offering high quality products at competitive prices. We are dedicated to customer service and provide a high level of technical support to ensure you become the customer, design and then purchase the product that is best for your application. Mainly manufactures single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers, Spitznagel replacements, other transformers, inductors and chokes

Address: Unit 7 Building 1, Chiltern Paving Industrial Estate, Lane End Road, Sands High Wycombe HP12 4HG


Majestic Transformer Company specialises in the design and manufacture high quality bespoke and custom built electrical transformers.

Custom Built Transformer Design and Manufacturer

Established in 1942 and having celebrated our 70th anniversary a couple of years ago, Majestic Transformer Company has transformed from a rewinding house for service replacements in the 40′s, & 50′s into a leading manufacturer of new transformers, chokes or associated power supplies and electricity transformer products, which are custom built to specification.

Today our business is primarily in the design and manufacture of new components. Holding extensive stocks of our base materials enables us to respond quickly to your requirements. Dispatch can usually be made from 7 days after receipt of your order, and sometimes in as little as 2 days.

Address: 245 Rossmore Road, Poole, Dorset BH12 2HQ England

FT Transformers was founded in 1937 by a former radio engineer, Harry Forrest. Harry named the company Forrest Transformers. Since 1937 there has been three changes of ownership in Stanley Goodyear, John Batchelor and myself Bob Wright, each stage of ownership has steadily grown the company.

The company is now known as FT transformers have supplied transformers for the Barcelona Olympic games, helped Frank Whittes company with the development of the jet engine, and provided transformers for the development of the first cardiograph machine. Since 2009 FT Transformers has grown considerably supplying network rail, aircraft and aviation industry and a host of electrical equipment manufacturers.

address: Unit 7 Cyclo Works, Lifford Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3DY

Founded by Robert Baker in 1982, R Baker (Electrical) Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of cost effective, quality focused electrical services. Our team has over 30 years of experience providing electrical manufacturing and electrical repair services. Working with a prestigious customer base, including BAE Systems, Unipart Rail, and Pilkington Glass, we are able to offer a first class service which is carried out to BSI 9001 accreditation.

Through regular investment in new technologies and product development, we have enjoyed substantial growth ever since. In 1990 the company expanded into our own purpose-built premises in Liverpool, a site which facilitates a wide range of electrical manufacturing and electrical repair.

As a company, we bring together defence, offshore, rail and industrial expertise to offer a comprehensive range of services and products including intrinsically safe and explosion proof equipment. Furthermore, here at R Baker (Electrical) Ltd we have a dedicated team providing an exemplary level of customer support from our manufacturing and repair facility in Liverpool.

Address: Evans Road Speke Liverpool L24 9PB

Leading 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers from India

India is a big manufacturing country, and there are many excellent 3-phase transformer manufacturers in India. If you are looking to buy 3 phase transformers from India then you should know about them. Below are our recommended 3 phase transformer manufacturers and suppliers in India

Esennar Transformers was an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 certified organization. In addition to that, our company has also been presented with the distinction of receiving a National Award in the category of ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’, further accentuating the importance we give to high standards maintained by the company.

The plant has seen a phenomenal growth since its inception. A continuous process that involves assessment and re-assessment. Constant upgrades has seen our plant go from producing Oil Filled Transformers, up-to 31.5MVA of 132KV Class and Cast Resin (Dry Type) Transformers up-to 5MVA of 33kV Class.

Address: Unit II, Phase I, IDA Pashamailaram, Patancheru, Hyderabad

KPEL has a state of art line to produce Transformers, to meet the needs of public utilities, private industrial organization etc. In power & distribution products that include,

Three phase & Single phase Distribution & Power Transformers up to 10MVA 33KV Class.

Special Designed Transformers like converter Duty, Solar application, Earthing Transformer, Transformer suitable for VFD application, and K Rated Transformers etc. (Pad Mount, Pole Mount, Single Phase, Three phase – we build all of them as exactly as required)


Miracle Electronics was born in the year 1994 with a dream of setting up a world class manufacturing facility-producing state of art transformer and inductors to customers across the globe. The beginning was small and challenging.

Miracle, in its early days dealt with Toroidal and laminated transformers with a limited manpower of 15 individuals who were adept at multitasking. In the last 18 years, we have grown by leaps and bounds, all thanks to our esteemed customers, and today we serve over 20 countries across the globe.

The team of 15 has grown to an enviable force of 250, the product gamut now encompasses all the categories in Transformer, inductor, filter and alike segments, but the vision has remained unchanged. We are today, one of the market leaders in the segment we operate and have an unarguable commitment to quality and innovation.

Today, we boast of one of Asia’s most comprehensive standard ranges on Toroidal / laminated transformers, wire harness, box building, SMPS and power-supplies. The gamut spans small wound Toroidal / laminated transformers to large three-phase auto power transformers and energy saving transformers.

Address: No. 48/1, Karihobanahalli Village, Thigalarapalya Main Road, Peenya 2nd Stage, Bengaluru – 560058, Karnataka, India

EVR Power is one of the most popular and paramount Transformer Manufacturers in India. With its manufacturing and assembly unit placed in Chennai, EVR Power distributes transformers to all major parts of India.

EVR Power has a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility and modern machinery for the uninterrupted production of transformers. A crew of technocrats equipped with demanding skills and the latest technology, strive hard to match the varied requirements of our Customers by continual improvement of systems and processes.

EVR Power’s transformers are meticulously fabricated using supreme quality raw materials and high-grade technology to provide robust and ideal power solutions. Routine tests are conducted to ensure stringent quality that caters to domestic and international standards. 

Address: Plot.No.64, Ponni Amman Nagar, Ayanambakkam, Chennai, TamilNadu-600095, India

RPTPL is an Indian Transformer manufacturing company and exporter which manufactures and exports a wide range of quality transformers that conform to the BIS, IEC , ASTM and other international Standards. We have fully-integrated facilities in Rajasthan with in-house facilities for products such as core lamination, coil-winding, Drying, oil filtering , Fabrication etc.  We are having eco-friendly plants, dust-proof shop floor, ultra-modern equipment & world-class testing facility.

The core of our success  is that we have highly skilled and committed professionals having years of experience , who consistently ensure that each our entire process are in  adherence to the highest quality benchmarks established by the organization to roll out only the best of products. We are leading transformers exporter in India and understand what it takes to satisfy International customers keeping in mind the International procedures and fair trade practices.

Address: Khasra No. 911 – 914, Karola – Bhinmal Road, Karola, Sanchore,

Leading 3 Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers from Vietnam

Vietnam also has very rich experience in the field of three-phase transformer manufacturing and is cost-effective, if you want to buy three-phase transformers from Vietnam, here are some of our recommended transformer manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam.

From the beginning and development, more than 50.000 transformers distributed worldwide have expressed our ability to manufacture electricity and convert energy devices with international standards. MBT’s products installed for many global vital projects need safety and trust. We have received a firm belief from customers all around the world.

In the context of regional and international integration, the impact of the 4.0 industrial revolution, and the tradition of innovation, in 2020, MBT launch high-quality transformer products and perfect value-added services. We apply information technology in transformer operation and management, which bring practical value to customers and society and partially contribute to the modern and sustainable development of Vietnam’s electricity industry.

Sincerely thanks for the trust and cooperation of our customers.

Address: Ha Noi, Viet Nam Song Cung Industrial Zone, Dong Thap Commune, Dan Phuong District

Hanoi Electromechanical Company Limitted (HECO) is the leading enterprise in the South in the field of manufacturing, assembling, repairing and maintaining electric motors and other technical equipment.

On June 21, 2002, the Electric Motor Manufacturing Factory in Ho Chi Minh City, the precursor of HECO company is now established, marking the birth of an electric motor manufacturing and assembly factory. leading large scale in the southern region.

January 3, 2007 marked the transition from Hanoi Power Engineering Co., Ltd., a dependent accounting model to an independent and autonomous accounting joint stock company. .

Over nearly 14 years of operation, until now HECO has become a manufacturing, assembling and distributing electric motor brand of HEM products, with prestige in the Southern region. Especially, the service of maintenance and repair of electric motors and electrical equipment is trusted by partners and customers, highly appreciated about service quality, schedule of repair, maintenance, etc. .

Hanoi Electromechanical Company Limitted (HECO) is a leading enterprise in the South in the field of manufacturing, assembling, repairing and maintaining electric motors and other technical equipment.

Address: LOT J12 (a, b, c) number line 10, industrial area Le Minh Xuan, Bình Chánh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Standa Vietnam Transformer Voltage Stabilizer JSC – A leading voltage stabilizer and transformer manufacturer in Vietnam.
☑ Manufactured with 100% pure copper wire to ensure smooth and durable operation.
☑ Warehouse price sale, 4-year warranty, 1-for-1 in the first year.

Address: 1b/12/255 Linh Nam, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Definition of 3 Phase Transformer

3 phase transformers are important components in 3 phase electric power transmission. 3 phase transmission is among the most common power transmission methods worldwide. It is one of several polyphase current transmission methods utilized by electric power companies and utility operators; the main advantage of polyphase transmission over single phase transmission is the increased electrical transmission capacity despite a lower requirement for transmission wires.

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