2KVA 3 phase autotransformer

2KVA 3 phase autotransformer

The 2KVA 3-phase autotransformer is rated at 2KVA. What it does is step down any input voltage to a usable range output.

For example, 277V to 120V, 480V to 120V, 480V to 240V, 380V to 220V, etc.

Electromagnetic induction is used, the current input is 1.5A, the output is 2.6A/2.8A, and the frequency is 50/60Hz.

2KVA 3 phase autotransformer is available in two materials: copper wire and aluminum wire. And can choose with or without shell.

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The 2KVA 3 phase autotransformer is manufactured with high-quality materials and has a rated capacity of 2KVA.

Two wire specifications, copper wire and aluminum wire, can be selected. Optional housing and rollers are available.

2KVA 3 phase autotransformer input current 8A, output voltage 220V or 200V, output current 2.6A or 2.8A, frequency 50/60Hz.

The function of the dry-type three phase transformer is to step down, and the primary and secondary windings are insulated separately.


Model SOB-2KVA
Phase 3 Phase
Capacity 2 kVA
Input Voltage AC 380V(optional)
Input Current 1.5A
Output Voltage (Optional) AC 220V, 200V(optional)
Output Current 2.6A (220V), 2.8A (200V)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Winding Material (Optional) Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire
Cooling Method Self-Cooling or Wind-Cooling
Working Efficiency ≥98%
Protection Grade IP21
Waveform Distortion No distortion (compared with output wave)
Insulation Resistance ≥ 150MΩ
Wiring Yn0
Electrical Strength Power frequency sinusoidal voltage 3000V lasts for 1 minute, no breakdown and flicker
Overload Protection Can withstand instantaneous 2 times the rated current
Moisture-Proof Type (Optional) Open type, sealed type
Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
Altitude ≤ 2500m
Relative Humidity 0-95%
Noise ≤35dB (within 1 meter)
Design Service Life 10+ years
Use Environment No explosion, rain and snow corrosion place, and no gas and conductive dust in the medium that can corrode metal and damage insulation
Weight 15 kg
Dimension 183*130*165 mm

2KVA 3 phase autotransformer price:

The retail price of a 1KVA 3 phase autotransformer on the market is usually $600-1000.

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2KVA three phase autotransformer can be used in CNC production equipment, SMT, printing machine, EDM machine, automatic plug-in machine, precision measuring equipment, laser cutting machine, plastic molding machine, medical monitoring system, PCB drilling machine, laboratory equipment, Military Instrumentation Control Center, etc.

2KVA autotransformer advantages:

  • The 2KVA three-phase autotransformer has enough power, the wiring is tight and neat, and there is no jumping circle. The coil is made of insulated H-grade enameled wire, with small no-load current and low loss.
  • The 2kVA dry-type autotransformer has built-in silicon steel sheet, which has good magnetic flux performance, high heat dissipation coefficient and low magnetic loss.
  • The autotransformer adopts electrophoresis technology fixture, with no burr on the edge, rounded corners to prevent collision and not easy to corrode.
  • Tin-plated copper tube terminals and rail-type wiring ports are convenient for wiring and ensure that the power-on overload capacity is improved to the extreme.

Wiring diagram of 2KVA 3 phase autotransformer:

The wiring method of the 3 phase autotransformer is the same, mainly the input and output 2 wiring ports, the following is the wiring diagram of the 2KVA 3 phase transformer.

Wiring diagram of 2KVA 3 phase autotransformer



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