200KVA 3 phase autotransformer

200KVA 3 phase autotransformer

200KVA dry type transformers are manufactured and supplied by Shuogong Power, a leading transformer company in China.

200KVA 3 phase autotransformer can be used in various large-scale equipment and power industries. Its main function is to step down the input voltage to a usable level.
range output.

This transformer is available in copper and aluminum wire materials, and we can also customize various input and output voltages.

200KVA dry type transformers are sold at manufacturer prices, Shuogong Power is a company with more than 16 years of experience in transformer manufacturing. We have a strong R&D team to meet your various needs.

This 200KVA 3 phase autotransformer has a maximum power of 200KVA and can step down the input voltage to a usable range output, such as a 380V input voltage to a 200V/220V output.

The dry-type autotransformer winding can be selected from copper or aluminum, and the 100KVA transformer provided by the manufacturer can be customized for various voltage requirements.


Model SOB-200KVA
Phase 3 Phase
Capacity 200 kVA
Input Voltage(Optional) AC 380V
Output Voltage (Optional) AC 220V, 200V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Winding Material (Optional) Aluminum Wire, Copper Wire
Cooling Method Self-Cooling or Wind-Cooling
Working Efficiency ≥98%
Protection Grade IP21
Waveform Distortion No distortion (compared with output wave)
Insulation Resistance ≥ 150MΩ
Wiring Yn0
Electrical Strength Power frequency sinusoidal voltage 3000V lasts for 1 minute, no breakdown and flicker
Overload Protection Can withstand instantaneous 2 times the rated current
Moisture-Proof Type (Optional) Open type, sealed type
Ambient Temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
Altitude ≤ 2500m
Relative Humidity 0-95%
Noise ≤35dB (within 1 meter)
Design Service Life 15 years
Use Environment No explosion, rain and snow corrosion place, and no gas and conductive dust in the medium that can corrode metal and damage insulation
Weight 480 kg
Dimension 800*400*730 mm

200KVA 3 phase autotransformer price:

The retail price of a 200KVA transformer on the market is usually $9000-9500.

Here you will get exclusive preferential prices for transformer manufacturers.

Contact us now to get your 200KVA three phase transformer discounted price.

The following are the prices of 200KVA 3 phase autotransformers sold by some e-commerce websites, for your reference only.

Items Price  Capacity Source
200 kVA 3 phase autotransformer price $9131.31 380V to 220V Amazon
200 kVA 3 phase autotransformer price $9123.24 400V to 400V ebay
200 kVA three phase autotransformer price $9322.11 380V to 220V other

Benefits of choosing a 200KVA transformer from Shuogong

Choosing a three phase transformer manufactured and supplied by Shuogong Power has the following advantages:

  • Made of high quality silicon steel sheet.
  • Optional copper wire or aluminum wire.
  • Available with or without housing.
  • Configure the scroll wheel.
  • Fast delivery.
  • 100% quality assurance.
  • Sufficient power never cut corners.


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