10KVA isolation transformer 3 phase step down

10KVA isolation transformer 3 phase step down

High quality 10KVA isolation transformers for sale for 50 or 60Hz, 3 phase, primary voltage 480V to secondary voltage 240V circuits.

3 phase isolation transformers with a total power of 10KVA are of high quality and low cost, sold directly by the three phase transformer manufacturers and fully compliant with reduced low voltage regulations.

10KVA 3 phase isolation transformers for sale at reasonable prices. Manufactured and supplied by Shuogong Power, a leading transformer company in China.

This 10KVA isolation transformer is a dry-type transformer whose main function is to step down or step up.

Step-down or boost the input voltage to the usable range output, such as step-down 480V to 240V, step-down 480V to 208V, step-up 208V to 240V, etc.

10KVA isolation transformer can choose copper wire or aluminum wire, and you can also choose whether with shell.


Three phase
Input voltage
220V 380V 400V 415V 440V 480V 660V  or Customized
Output voltage
660V 480V 440V 415V 380V 220V or Customized
Output voltage accuracy
Voltage change rate
Output waveform distortion
No distortion (compared to the input waveform)
Insulation class
Class F, Class H; IP 00, IP30 etc.
Working efficiency
Applicable frequency
Dielectric strength
Connection method
Yyn0  DYn11 or Customized
Overload capability
More than 1.2 times of the rated load to work for 4 hours
Sound level
≤50dB(within 1m)
Temperature rise
Insulation resistance
Working environment
Temperature: -20℃~+45℃, Humidity: ≤95% RH no condense
Installation environment
Non-corrosive gas and conductive dust
Cooling method
Dry type air cooling


Transformer can only convert voltage and CANNOT convert frequency.
Transformer CANNOT convert single phase voltage to 3 phase voltage.
Input/output voltage, power rating and whether with shell of all transformers, can be customized according to clients’ requirements.

10KVA 3 phase isolation transformer price:

The retail price of a 10KVA three-phase transformer on the market is usually $2500-2800.

Here you will get exclusive deals from transformer manufacturers.

Contact us today for a discounted price on your 10KVA three phase isolation transformer.

The following is the price of 10KVA 3 phase isolation transformer currently on the market, which is for your reference only.

Items Price  Capacity source
10kVA 3 phase isolation transformer price $2635.71 400V to 240V Ato
10kVA 3 phase isolation transformer price $2787.11 480V to 208V Amazon
10kVA three phase isolation transformer price $2899.12 480V to 240V Ebay

10 kVA Isolation Transformer Features:

  • To step down/up the 3 phase voltage 380V to 200V/220V.
  • Primary and secondary windings are separated by aluminium/copper shield.
  • Available in the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Better protection, high quality workmanship.
  • better security.
  • Affordable price

The benefits of using an isolation transformer:

As a relatively safe transformer in the power industry, isolation transformers have developed faster and faster in production technology, and are used in more and more fields and ranges due to their excellent product performance.

People have increasingly recognized the advantages of isolation transformers, which may gradually replace ordinary transformers.

As a transformer with extremely high safety performance, the isolation transformer has the advantages of strong stability and high resistance. It not only protects the safety of equipment, but also protects the personal safety of users.

10KVA isolation transformer wiring diagram

10KVA isolation transformer wiring diagram


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