What is the difference between control transformer VS power transformer?

What is the difference between control transformer VS power transformer?

These are two different types of transformers, and their main role is the same to change the output voltage.

If you don’t know enough about these two types of transformers, I believe you can get a satisfactory answer after reading this article.

What is the difference between control transformer VS power transformer?

1.What is a control transformer?

A control transformer is a device used to step up or down the voltage of alternating current. Control transformers are used in power supplies, which regulate the output of various devices. For example, if you have a light bulb that runs on 120 volts and needs to be switched off when it gets too hot (because it’s not meant to operate at such high temperatures), you can use this type of transformer to switch out your light bulb before it reaches its maximum temperature point this way no damage will be done.

control transformer
control transformer

Control transformers work by changing their stator winding configuration so as not generate any magnetic field lines when they’re turned off; this allows them to get rid of excess power without damaging themselves or anything around them.

Control transformer is a dry-type transformer usually used in various control circuits, such as various mechanical equipment.

2.What is a power transformer?

Power transformer is a kind of soft magnetic electromagnetic element, whose functions are power transmission, voltage conversion and insulation isolation, and has been widely used in power supply technology and power electronics technology.

According to the size of the transmission power, the power transformer can be divided into several grades: high power above 10kVA, medium power from 10kVA to 0.5kVA, low power from 0.5kVA to 25VA, and micropower below 25VA. It should be self-evident that the design of the power transformer is also different depending on the transmission power.

Power Transformers

Power transformers are used in almost all electronic products. Its principle is simple, but the winding process of the transformer will have different requirements according to different applications (different uses). The functions of the transformer mainly include: voltage transformation; impedance transformation; isolation.

3.Control transformer vs power transformer difference

From the point of view of the name, the main purpose of the control transformer is for control. It is no different from the general transformer in terms of principle. Because the purpose of the transformer is different, the naming and material also need to be distinguished.

Control transformers are widely used, and can be used for step-up or step-down. Control transformers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to transfer electrical energy or transmit signals from one circuit to another.

Control transformer vs power transformer difference

The biggest difference between control transformers and power transformers is their use.

In actual use, the control transformer is used for control, and its control objects include equipment with various voltage levels, such as: 6.3V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 42V and other levels.

A power transformer is a transformer made according to a certain voltage level, and its main purpose is to use it as a power source. Its power is larger.

Whether it is a control transformer or a power transformer, it has the function of voltage conversion of alternating current.

Here are some differences between control transformers and power transformers that are summarized:

  • Control transformers are more widely used than power transformers.
  • Control transformers are more expensive than power transformers.
  • Control transformers are larger than power transformers.
  • Power transformers usually need to be customized while control transformers have many standard specifications.

Control transformers are used to increase the voltage of an AC signal. Power transformers are used to either increase or reduce current in a circuit. They can be used alone or together with another transformer to change the output voltage and frequency of a power supply.


The difference between a control transformer and a power transformer is that the former is used to step up the voltage of low-voltage current while the latter steps down the voltage of high-voltage current.

Both transformers help to regulate current by changing it from one phase or frequency to another. However, there are some differences between control transformers and power transformers that you need to know about before you invest in either type of device.

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